Our insurance plans are designed specifically for law enforcement and their families. We want to ensure our first responders, their income, and their families are protected. We offer a variety of supplemental insurance and retirement options for law enforcement. From admin duty protection and accident/disability insurance to life policies, we are always here and ready to help.

Admin Duty Income Policy

The Admin Duty Policy is unique to Spectrum Advisory Group and is underwritten through Wellfleet. It is a very affordable policy used for officers who are placed on admin duty, admin leave, suspended, or terminated. Examples of instances where officers would be covered are: officer involved shooting (OIS), in-custody death, excessive force complaint, or any disciplined action coming from an officer doing their job. We offer up to 12 months of income coverage.

  • Sole provider of Admin Duty coverage
  • Covers admin duty, admin leave, suspension, or termination
  • 12 months of coverage/30-day elimination period
  • $1,000, $2,000 or $3,000 monthly benefit

Accident & Disability Policy

In law enforcement, there is a high probability that an officer will get hurt or miss work due to an injury sustained on or off duty. We know officers need comprehensive coverage. That is why we provide the most comprehensive coverage available in the marketplace. We pay accident benefits if an officer seeks medical attention due to some type of accident; furthermore, if the officer misses more than 7 days of work, our unique disability plan pays officers an income benefit if they are out of work completely or on “light duty”!

  • 24/7 on and off duty accident benefits
  • 24/7 on and off duty coverage with “light duty” disability
  • Income benefits ranging from 6 months to 24 months
  • Gunshot and stabbing benefit

Hospital Indemnity Policy

When it comes to your family’s health, unexpected or long-term hospitalizations should not be a time to worry about medical costs. The Hospital Indemnity Policy helps by paying you benefits and allowing you to put recovery first. 

  • Hospital Admission up to $4,000 and Confinement Benefits
  • Inpatient and Outpatient Surgery Benefits
  • Ambulance and Emergency Room Care Benefits 

Cancer & Specified Disease Policy

Cancer is one of the most devastating and catastrophic diseases that can affect a family. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer or life altering disease. We are happy to provide one of the most comprehensive cancer and specified disease policies in the market. It is designed to not only cover cancer but also 32 life altering diseases. What makes this policy so robust? We focus the benefits on what people use the most: chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and travel benefits. When you need money in your pocket because you want to focus on getting better, consider our cancer and specified disease policy through MetLife.

  • $5,000 first diagnosis benefit
  • Covers cancer and 32 other diseases
  • $1,000/day radiation & chemotherapy–NO lifetime maximum
  • $4,000/month for self-administering drug–NO lifetime maximum
  • $625/day ICU benefit

Heart, Stroke, and Heart Disease Policy

Heart disease is a leading killer for law enforcement. The level of stress, coupled with the high-pressure environment and adrenaline surges, leads to high blood pressure. Also, common on-the-go meals resulting from abnormal schedules promote high cholesterol. Heart attacks and strokes can devastate a family, so we have a plan available through MetLife.

  • Heart Transplant benefit of $100,000
  • Coronary Artery Bypass benefit of $2,500
  • Hospital Confinement benefit of $200/day
  • Ambulance benefit of $200

Investment Planning

Spectrum Advisory Group helps identify and prioritize financial goals that are important in an officer’s life. Furthermore, we give specific recommendations on what you need to do to help you accomplish any of your financial goals.

  • Maximizing retirement and pension income
  • DROP income planning
  • Deferred Compensation planning
  • Tax strategies for police officers
  • Survivor Benefit preservation and recommendations
  • Children’s education planning

Life Insurance

Term, permanent, and indexed policies available.